After 8 Books
June 28 – September 30, 2022

To paraphrase a well-known author on painting, we have decided to have books on painting up for sale, most illustrious audience, since we have understood that you take very great delight in these noble art. You will certainly understand, from the volumes themselves, in what measure they are contributing to its practice, through skill and zeal of clarity and of knowledge, when you have read them in your spare time. Enough of this: Throughout the summer, printed matter selected by After 8 Books will open a window to the world and historia of painting, including, amongst others, new and not so new deliveries on or by Prunella Clough, Rochelle Feinstein, Maria Lassnig, Amy Sillman, Florine Stettheimer, and Paul Thek. Open 24/7, lights on from 8 am to 8 pm.

If you are interested in a particular book, please get in touch or visit After 8 Books ... "Sending out parcels like there’s no tomorrow."

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Books on display: Amy Sillman, Faux Pas, After 8 Books, 2020 // Jack Whitten, Notes from the Woodshed, Hauser & Wirth, 2018 // Peter Saul: Professional Artist Correspondence 1945–1976, ed. Dan Nadel, Bad Dimension Press, 2020 // Into Words. The Selected Writings of Carroll Dunham, Badlands Unlimited, 2017 // William Wegman. Writing by Artist, ed. Andrew Lampert, Primary Information, 2022 // Rochelle Feinstein, Pls. Reply, Ugly Duckling Presse, 2019 // Philip Guston, I Paint What I Want to See, Penguin, 2022 // Carolee Schneemann. Uncollected Texts, ed. Branden Joseph, Primary Information, 2018 // Maria Lassnig, Works, Diaries & Writings, Koenig Books / Fundació Antoni Tàpies, 2020 // Miriam Cahn. Writing in Rage, Hatje Cantz, 2019 // Lucy Howarth, Marlow Moss, Eiderdown Books, 2019 // Florine Stettheimer: New Directions in Multimodal Modernism, Book*hug, 2019 // Prunella Clough: A small thing edgily, ed. Camila McHugh, Floating Opera Press, 2022 // Painting. Funny Peculiar, ed. Andrew Hunt, Slimvolume, 2020 // Valérie da Costa, Paul Thek en Italie / Paul Thek in Italy (1962–1976), Les Presses du Réel, 2022 // Hubert Damisch, A Theory of /Cloud/. Toward a History of Painting, Stanford University Press, 2002 // T. J. Clark, Farewell to an Idea. Episodes from a History of Modernism, Yale University Press, 1999/2001