March 28 – May 8, 2022

REAL / BOOKS, a time-travelling bookstore and online hybrid of unpredictable scheduling curated by Mark von Schlegell, will appear at Tiny Mutual Admiration Societies March 28 – May 1, 2022 offering a special selection of books and other published material by Mark von Schlegell and others, for sale and display ...

"REAL / BOOKS will function as a rare book ‘antique store,’ having a hard-to-find selection of aged trashy, used pulp paperbacks to discover and purchase at a reasonable price. There will be sci-fi, crime and detective classics with quality art-work covers; as well as other treats: ‘pop-up’ children’s books and other ‘juvenilia,’ such as old comic books, lurid pornographic classics—such as Lydia Lunch’s ‘Paradoxia’ ... REAL / BOOKS is not conceived as an artwork, but more as simply a great, somewhat antiquarian bookshop..."

-- Dan Graham, 2019 for the first appearance of REAL / BOOKS at Jan Kaps Galerie, Cologne

Tiny Mutual Admiration Societies is accessible during the opening hours of the university. To buy a book, please make an appointment.